Amanda Overmyer Naked Pictures?


Those are not the 4 words you wanted to hear this morning.

According to The National Enquirer someone is shopping around naked pictures of American Idol skunk Amanda Overmyer. Someone from Amanda’s home state of Indiana wants big cash for the pictures and they have been contacting the tabloids. Big cash? They’ll be lucky to get a half-smoked pack of Reds and a bottle of Mickey’s Malt.

The source said, Someone in her home state of Indiana is shopping nude pictures of Amanda-and they’ve been offered big money….If those pictures pop up on the Internet, Idol will have another huge scandal on it’s hands.

No, they will have a major vomit fest on their hands. I wonder if Amanda’s carpet matches the drapes? She probably has one strip of blonde pubic hair. It’s the right thing to do. I hate when things don’t match.



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