Look smart with Smart Object

Maybe you like to jump back and forth between applications while you design. Maybe you’ve never met an element that you didn’t want to resize a hundred times. When Adobe� introduced Smart Objects with CS2, they had you in mind.

Smart Objects are non-destructive elements that allow you to edit without degrading the integrity of the original file. Think of them as reference files. You can resize, transform, and otherwise mangle a Smart Object to your heart’s content, and you can always revert back to the original version without any degradation having taken place.


You’re probably most familiar with Smart Objects if you’re frequently copying Vector elements into your Photoshop documents. However, Smart Objects are much more powerful than that. You can transform any Photoshop layer into a Smart Object. Just right-click it and choose the menu option ‘Convert to Smart Object’.

You can double-click the layer thumbnail and it will open in the appropriate application. Now you have the same freedom to edit your raster elements without lasting consequences.


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