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Prepare your business school application

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Target the schools that are right for what you want to do professionally. If you want to make it to partner at Goldman Sachs or Boston Consulting, getting into a top 10 business school should be your priority. But if you want to develop a deeper understanding of accounting, marketing or finance to enhance your career, a mid-level business school may be right for you.

Demonstrating examples of leadership in your application is essential, especially when applying to top tier schools. Admissions officers want candidates who will really make an impact on business and society. They want candidates to demonstrate change that they enacted. This doesn’t need to be earth- shattering–it can be how you made a process more efficient at your company. They want an example of something that separates you from the pack

If you don’t have ‘em, get ‘em.
If you don’t have any examples of leadership skills to speak of, hold off on applying until you do. Perhaps there’s an opportunity for you to take a leadership role at work or within an outside organization you belong to. Consider what you’re passionate about–do you want to start a volunteer program at your office? Now is the time to get it going.

The Essays
Allow enough time to work on your essays. Many people obsess over their GMAT scores but some believe that essays are more important. They’re the time for your personality to shine through. After the admissions officers read your essay, they should feel like they know you. Don’t rehash your accomplishments–talk about what has impacted you and how it changed you. Also, discuss your aspirations and how you plan to make an impact. Applicants tend to think admissions officers are stuffy. Chances are, they’re not. So, whatever you do, don’t sound dull.

Don’t underestimate how much work will go into recommendations. Make sure you give the people writing them enough time. Typically schools request two recommendations. Also, don’t tell them what to say, but do provide a brief about what you are highlighting in your essays. Explain what you plan to emphasize, and then remind them of what accomplishments you’ve made.

Be professional, but let your true self come through. They’re looking for interesting people who care about their community.

From Forbes

Crazy man kills four and himself at Northern Illinois University

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Police say a “man in black” opened fire from a stage of a lecture hall at Northern Illinois University, killing four people and himself.

Campus Police Chief Donald Grady confirmed the deaths after a conference.

He says the gunman was not a student at the school and police had no apparent motive.

The university head says witnesses in the geology class saw someone dressed in black came out from behind a screen in front of the classroom and opened fire with a shotgun.

Classes were canceled Thursday night and the 25,000-student campus was closed on Friday.

New interactive Sudoku

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Times Online have launched a brand new interactive Sudoku puzzle.


You can play puzzles online or print them off, and also play archived puzzles.

How to play interactive Sudoku

Sudoku puzzles will appear daily at 2000 BST, with the solution appearing the following day

As the week progresses the Sudoku will increase in difficulty from Easy to Super Fiendish

To solve a Sudoku puzzle, every digit from 1 to 9 must appear in each of the nine rows and columns and in each of the 3 × 3 boxes

Before playing the interactive Sudoku, please check out the Help to discover useful solving techniques and how to make best use of the interactive game, including virtual pencil marks and saving your puzzles

You may print out your Sudoku from the interactive game or in the archived listings of puzzles, simply right click on the image and select “print”

Moving around the grid

Move around the grid using your mouse or keyboard

To enter a number, select a square using the keyboard or mouse, then press a number from 1 to 9

To remove any number, press Spacebar, Backspace, Delete or enter a new number in its place

You can use the four arrow keys or tab to move around square by square

Pencil marks

As an aid to solving your Sudoku, try using the pencil marks situated at the top of the squares

You can note down possible numbers here until just one candidate remains

Simply enter the numbers on your keyboard and use the cursor keys and delete button to make changes


Our online Sudoku can remember you on a specific computer, click the Save button to store your puzzle

At a later time when you wish to continue the puzzle, simply click the Restore button to enter the puzzle into the display

Only one game can be saved at a time – saving a second puzzle will remove the first.

Click here to play interactive Sudoku

Nude art

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If you are under 18, please dun proceed toward.

Some contents here are inconvenient for you.

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