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Singer Winehouse arrested over drugs

Posted in Funny & Weird on June 17, 2008 by keronii

British singer Amy Winehouse has been arrested on suspicion of drug offences, police sources say.

The Grammy-winning soul singer, who was released with a caution for assault less than two weeks ago, was being held after she handed herself in at a London police station.”At 1pm (2200 AEST) on Wednesday, a 24-year-old woman attended a London police station by arrangement,” police said in a statement. “She was arrested in connection with alleged possession of a controlled drug.”

Police declined to give more details.

Winehouse was held overnight in a cell last month but was released without charge after admitting assault by slapping a man with her hand. Winehouse, whose battle against drug addiction has often overshadowed her recording success, is said to be worth an estimated STG10 million ($A20.77 million) in the latest Sunday Times Rich List.

Winehouse did not attend the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles in February, but still managed five big wins, including record and song of the year for ‘Rehab’ and best pop vocal album for her breakthrough release, Back to Black.

Victory: Utah city council to lift bikini ban

Posted in Funny & Weird with tags on June 14, 2008 by keronii

Hey butterflies! Slip on some duds, comb out your fros, and dig out that teeny, weeny, yellow polka-dot bikini.


Less than one month after a city-wide bikini ban, Utah’s Kanab City Council is lifting the painfully conservative ruling to allow two-pieces and Speedos at the town’s soon-to-open public pool, the Salt Lake Tribune reported. Councilwoman Nina Laycook claimed the ban on bikinis and Speedos was unintentional; instead stating her “recommendation is going to be no thongs or string bikinis.

“We were so engrossed with safety and health issues we overlooked the wording [about swimming attire],” she said. “We are addressing that now by amending the policy.”

Eating own hair. Holy Shit!

Posted in Funny & Weird with tags on June 14, 2008 by keronii

Some crazy bitch who chows down on her own hair produced a 10-pound hairball (pictured at right; thanks a lot NBC). Jesusfuckingchrist!


The 18-year-old headcase went to doctors after five months of abdominal pain and the loss of 40 pounds. Sensing something was up, the good docs took a look inside—and discovered the particularly nasty hairball, which took up almost all of the woman’s stomach. Confronted, she admitted to making a habit of eating her own hair; a condition doctors refer to as trichophagia, but we can just call “being off your fucking rocker”.

Small incisions were no match for the mass, which had to be removed entirely through a good, old-fashioned surgery. Screwball was released from the hospital after five days, and urged to pay a visit to the shrink. Fast-forward one year: She’s regained about half of the weight she lost and claims to have stopped eating her hair.

Don’t you just love happy endings?

High school girl hangs self after blog post tells her to die

Posted in Funny & Weird with tags on June 4, 2008 by keronii

A high school girl hanged herself at her home here after a message telling her to die was put up on her blog, school officials said Saturday.

Mihagino Girls’ High School in Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu, held an emergency meeting on Saturday to explain the incident to the parents of the students. Moreover, the school has offered to introduce clinical psychotherapists to traumatized students.

Mihagino Girls’ High School in Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu.

The school received a call from the parents of the 16-year-old, first-year girl Thursday morning, saying that she had hanged herself at her home in Kitakyushu, according to the officials. A suicide note she left for her family said that a message telling her to die had been posted on her personal blog.

A school official told the Mainichi that a message slandering the student was reportedly put up on her blog sometime between Monday and Tuesday.

Some of her friends reportedly told teachers that they had noticed something odd in her behavior over the past few days.