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Blog của những nghệ sĩ nổi tiếng Việt Nam

Posted in blog, Top Lists on February 3, 2008 by keronii

Hồng Phương (SMĐH) Blog

Thu Thủy (Ca Sĩ) Blog

Anh Khoa (Ca Sĩ) Blog


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10 reasons why guys prefer gadgets to gals…

Posted in funny, Gadget, Top Lists with tags , , , on January 31, 2008 by keronii

Guys, I don’t take any liability if following characteristics don’t match the characteristics of your girl. Although i would like to take pride if their funny characteristics do match.

  1. Gadgets follow the instructions word by word.
  2. Gadgets turn on with in a second.
  3. Gadgets dont yell.
  4. Gadgets dont ask questions.
  5. Gadgets dont stop working if you dont get them new accesories every month.
  6. With time, Gadgets become smaller and smarter.
  7. Gadgets‘s maintenance fee dont increase by time.
  8. With in 10 mins you can know exactly how would a Gadgets behave in which situation, just by reading the instruction manual.
  9. Gadget dont say goodbie ti you if you dont want
  10. When gadget “out of service”, you can throw it away without any extra charge.

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Top Ten Fashion Designers

Posted in Armani, beauty, Top Lists, Valentino with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on January 28, 2008 by keronii

“I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.” Ralph Lauren

In a society where we are bombarded with fashion, how on earth do we decide who the top ten designers are? Well, after quite a lot of pondering, I came up with some names that I thought were a well-rounded group of creative minds. While I could just throw them all at you from one to ten, I figured (for those of you who don’t know all of them) I’d give you a little background on them. So bare in mind that this is not a 1-10, best to um…less? These are the best from all over the board. So here goes.

1. VALENTINO GARAVANI. Hailing from Voghera Italy, this man knows how to make a woman look like a goddess. Though his shows speak for themself, the one place you are sure to find a Valentino dress is on the red carpet. Having dressed many of the world’s most famous leading ladies (such as Julia Roberts and Elizabeth Taylor), he has proven his talent and risen to the top as (in my opinion) The King of Elegance.

2. TOM FORD is not only extremely talented, but he’s hot too. Born in Texas, Tom originally trained to be an actor! Can you believe that? Thank goodness we pulled him over to the good side (kidding). But really, this man is not only the Creative Director for Gucci, he’s also the Creative Director fro Yves Saint Laurent. Ford stole the show at the first ever VH1 Fashion Awards and won the Best International Designer Award in 2000.

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Adriana Lima so hot with lollipop

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Adriana Lima, Victoria Secret supermodel, is always hot and sexy even with a lollipop or a a bag of pop corn. Therefore, she is always in the Top Ten List


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