Hot cheerleaders

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They look fit.


Healthy and sexy


17937_gfd_l6.jpg 17938_gfd_l7.jpg17939_gfd_l8.jpg17940_gfd_l9.jpg

I hate monday

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This is the most reason that not everyone likes to work on Monday.

Stop talking on phone

I hate monday

Bad on monday

Pentagon is cheaper than Playboy

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I am always doubtful about the creditworthiness of PageRank and valuating method of websites.

So today, i am using Smark PageRank

to estimate the cash value of some popular websites and found many things hilarious

See Keronii Edit Grid for further details


to estimate some stereotypical websites and found something interesting:

1./ Yahoo is around $3b. It means Microsoft intended to pay 15 times premium ($44b) offer to Yahoo. P/E = 14.7. Whao. So funny. Lmao.

2./ Yahoo is more expensive than Google

3./ Pentagon is cheaper than Playboy.

I am really disregarded those values. Dun know how they can rank like this.

You guys have any ideas about this?

Topix poll – Girls, where do you like your man to come?

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Topix gave a very funny human sexuality:

Girls, where do you like your man to come?


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