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From BAPE clothing to Black Label

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BAPE clothing grows up?

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Se7en sings Lalala in Japanese

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Se7en, Korean pretty-boy mega star, sings this song in Korean.

And now in Japanese.

I prefer Japanese version coz of smoother tone.



say lalala la lalalala…….singing for me now

I know konya mo nemuri o wasure kare no tame ni naite irun dane

ame no youni tsume takute yakedo no youni zukizuki uzuku

itsuwari ni baketa Promise demo aishi takara shinji takara

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Urban samurai Series

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It is so funny.

But some is really sick

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Maria Ozawa in silver bikini

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Indeed, i prefer Maria Ozawa with some clothes covering to bare without nothing.

In this album, she is simply so sexy with the silver stuff. Great body.



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Toughbook: Japan’s favorite notebook

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Q: What is the favorite notebook brand with Japanese developers?

MacBook? maybe.

Vaio? no.

It’s Toughbook.

Toughbook business laptops are marketed with ‘Let’s note’ brand in Japan. This ultra-light notebook has a surprisingly large share amongst Japanese developers. If you are looking for light (940g~1.5kg. 2lbs~3.3lbs), tough (water resistant) and long battery life (>6hours) notebook, it’s the answer.

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Japan’s No.1 blogger declared to stop her blog

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Famous actress Chinatsu Wakatsuki, age 23, whose weblog boasts over 80 million page views per month, announced an end of her blog yesterday.

Chinatsu Wakatsuki blog

Last month she once implied about her blog’s end and caused a lot of reactions from her readers and media, which ended up to her apology for confusion, but it became real this time. Real reasons to retirement are not actually disclosed on her last post. She wrote it is not her retirement from show business, but only stops blogging “to do something else”.

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Gyaru girls are so hot

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As always, Japanese girls are a decade ahead in trends – and a century ahead in attitude.

Gyaru Girls, an umbrella term used to describe girls who wear exaggerated versions of today’s trends, are hot – not because of their wild fashion sense (which is equal parts pretty and polarizing), but for not taking the fickle world of fashion too seriously.

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