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Se7en sings Lalala in Japanese

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Se7en, Korean pretty-boy mega star, sings this song in Korean.

And now in Japanese.

I prefer Japanese version coz of smoother tone.



say lalala la lalalala…….singing for me now

I know konya mo nemuri o wasure kare no tame ni naite irun dane

ame no youni tsume takute yakedo no youni zukizuki uzuku

itsuwari ni baketa Promise demo aishi takara shinji takara

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TVXQ’s New Album Gains Massive Fan Base

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Korean pop band TVXQ(Dong Bang Shin Ki) carved out a massive female fan base in Japan with their upcoming new album “T”, which has received top name recognition among teen girls, a leading Japanese music chart revealed Sunday (Jan. 20).

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Korean plastic fantasy

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Some goes to bad. Some goes to good. But anyway, Korean plastic surgery industry really makes wonders. Check some now&then pictures of Korean big public characters

Some goes good

This man want to be Eric Mun look-alike

His name is Park Hyo-jeong and he claims to have undergone 23 plastic surgeries to achieve a complete transformation to look like popsinger Eric. Yes, that’s right, over 23! He now works as a model.

Can you believe the transmorgification? He has changed from grossy to gorgeous! Amazing….

Some more pics of the new face. It looks like he has gotten double folds, nose surgery and also some implants on this forehead and jaw. I’m not a plastics expert, but that’s what I suspect.

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