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Self-imaging, a swiftly popular trend in Korean Entertainers

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Self-imaging becomes easier than ever. With the super powerful semi-professional digital camera such as Nikon D series or Canon EOS,  we can take beautiful photos by ourself without the help or advice from professionals.

Coz of that, Korean entertainers, who likely adopt new technology, proves their artistic skill by taking their self-portrait or ask some friends for help.

Here is some examples of Ms. Park

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No more space for Super Junior the first Asia Tour

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Super Junior tickets sold out in 18 minutes.

Super Junior’s Super Show starts on February 23rd in Seoul and it’ll soon come to concert halls near you (maybe).

<<Choi Si Won (on the right), of Super Junior>>

The Elves purchased Super Junior’s concert tickets in 18 minutes. The fact that 13,000 seats were sold out under 20 minutes is quite impressive, isn’t it?

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Lee Jun Ki – Vonin pictures

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Actually, he is quite successful in “The King and the Clown” as a homosexual character.

East Asian girls are crazy of him. Curious of how he looks ?

Check some of his picture moment for Vonin (a Korean cosmetic manufacturer for male)

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Joo Ji Hoon – the charming prince in Goong aka Princess Hour – posed in Paris

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Even though 6 feet 2, he had a skinny frame.

However, fans are crazy of him because of his unpredictable manner in Goong.

Be a model, he posed outdoor for a Korean mode magazine, in France.

Nice pics. Anyway

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Who looks better in this dress? Honey Lee & Eva Mendes

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Honey Lee is the 4th beauty in the Miss Universe 2007. The winner of that is Riyo Mori.

Honey Lee wore a long black flowy dress in the Korean Golden Disk Award, December 2007.

And Eva Mendez, no need to mention, she is so gorgeous and charming, had wore the similar one (in beige color) at the the Gotham Magazine Party in October 2007.

So you think who pop it better in this dress?

Tại sao tôi thích phim Hàn

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Yêu phim Hàn vì tính lãng mạn

Không hiểu vì sao, những bộ phim Trung Quốc, Hollywood cũng lãng mạn, cũng rất hấp dẫn, nhưng không hiểu sao, lại cảm thấy phim Hàn lãng mạn hơn, và có phần hay hơn! Có lẽ vì trong phim Hàn, tôi tìm thấy ở đâu đó giống tôi chăng

….Lãng mạn từ trong những cảnh quay của từng bộ phim. Như “Trái tim mùa thu” chẳng hạn! Rất ấn tượng với cảnh biển gắn bó kỉ niệm giữa Eun Seo, và Chun Seo. Cảnh biển hiện ra trải dài vô tận.

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Korean plastic fantasy

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Some goes to bad. Some goes to good. But anyway, Korean plastic surgery industry really makes wonders. Check some now&then pictures of Korean big public characters

Some goes good

This man want to be Eric Mun look-alike

His name is Park Hyo-jeong and he claims to have undergone 23 plastic surgeries to achieve a complete transformation to look like popsinger Eric. Yes, that’s right, over 23! He now works as a model.

Can you believe the transmorgification? He has changed from grossy to gorgeous! Amazing….

Some more pics of the new face. It looks like he has gotten double folds, nose surgery and also some implants on this forehead and jaw. I’m not a plastics expert, but that’s what I suspect.

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