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Lee Hyori carbon copy

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Lee Hyori is so beautiful


but her carbon copy is…..


Who is he?

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Song Hye Kyo – a charming beauty from Korea

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She is the main character in the so moving Korean Drama “Autumn Tale”.

In ordinary, she is purely beautiful with angel face and flawless skin





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Korean celeb transgender: super extreme makeover skill or a disaster

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Lee Dae-hak (now Lee Shi-yeon) has crossed over to the other side. He is now a she thanks to plastic surgery. And with all the surgery that this man-woman has gotten, she has become an example of Korea’s finest plastic surgery techniques.

20080122leeshiyeonbefore3.jpg 20080122leeshiyeonbefore1.jpg


and then…

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Lee Jun Ki’s new role in the ancient drama Iljimae

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Since the information has been spilled that pretty boy Lee Jun Ki will be a lead role in , the audiences have been desperately waiting for his new act. Lee Jun Ki and other casts are currently filming their first scenes in the drama.

the ancient drama Iljimae

However, because the filming location do not want to release either information or pictures about the drama, it makes the audiences even more curious. The audiences most interesting is that the appearance of Iljimae by Lee Jun Ki.

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Lee Dong Gun debut his singing career in Japan

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Lee Dong Gun

Pretty-boy actor Lee Dong-gun of the “Lovers in Paris” fame is making his debut as singer in Japan. Lee has recently signed a contract with Japan’s largest record label Sony and started preparing for his first album release in Japan.

Lee’s album project has been kept under wraps. All the details about the record, like the album concept and the genre of songs, are to remain secret until the market release date, which is also kept secret.

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Lee Hyori – so sexy Korean pop diva even as performing

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Lee Hyori, my favorite Korean pop diva,  is always lovely, charming and sexy.

Check her pictures here and it confirms my statement. Lolz

Lee Hyori with Chae Tae Hun

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