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Alessandra Ambrosio – picture moment

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In Victoria Secret supermodels,

Adriana Lima is sexy and wild,

Heidi Klum is elegant

Anna Beatriz Barros is charming,

How about Alessandra Ambrosio? She is definitely cute.

alessandra_ambrosio_03.jpg alessandra_ambrosio_05.jpgalessandra_ambrosio_08.jpg


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Ana Beatriz Barros, sexy in pink
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Adriana Lima – sexy in red

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I found that Adriana Lima is supremely sexy in something red.

Here is the demonstration.

Actually love her curve.

The way she posed is so wild, cute and gorgeous.


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Adriana Lima Topless In Esquire Cover

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Here’s Adriana Lima and her Victoria’s Secret friends in next month’s Esquire magazine.
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Adriana Lima – my favourite Brazilian model

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She is the one.

That i like best among Brazilian supermodel of Victoria Secrect. Why?

Dun know, but i only know tha her look is a mix of an angel and a devil.


Look so lovely in this pose


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Brandnew Ipod accessory: Ohmibod Vibrator the Cutie

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Girls, we’ve come a long way. No, I’m not referring to our right to vote or the fact that we can finally leave the stove behind and pursue high power jobs. I am referring to something a little more…intimate.

Thanks to the girls on SATC, talk of female masturbation has been brought into living rooms, brunch tables, and sorority houses nationwide. Whereas none of my friends were masturbating in high school (or so they said), everyone is doing it now. And if you aren’t, maybe that is because you haven’t found the right toys yet.

Well, leave your boyfriend at home, lock your door and clear your schedule for the next week; these two toys are the latest revelation and they have everyone talking. Except maybe your grandma, because that would just be nasty. Ew. I just barfed a little.

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