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Well, Rihanna is the newest milk ad victim.

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Rihanna is the newest milk ad victim.

So feast your perverted eyes on this fellas, because that girl’s got one big mess to clean off her face.

I don’t know why they keep making these ads because frankly, the last thing I want to do after seeing Rihanna with goop on her face is have a glass of milk.

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Rihanna – so sexy picture moments

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She appeared in a bikini. Whoa, so hot and sexy

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Rihanna – simply looks stunning

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I like Rihanna coz of her songbird voice. But i love to see her gorgeous beauty and stunning pose.

Check some of them here (thumbnails)


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Top 10 most popular celebrity of 2007

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The wait is over. Here is our list of Top 10 Celebrity Babes of 2007! The lovely ladies who made the list were the stars (we think) of 2007. They were our favorite celebs to write about, rant about, and of course, drool over in the past year. So, here they are…

10) Petra Nemcova

There wasn’t any other celebrity that we obsessed over more so than supermodel Petra Nemcova (well, other than our #1). She was all over the place in ’07 and that was perfectly fine with us. We posted on Petra any chance we could get, whether it was an interesting news story or, as most of the cases were, just hot photos of her. And you know what? We still can’t get enough of her.

9) Rihanna

Sure Rihanna was well known before, but it was in 2007 that she became a huge star. She was defnitely the female musician of the year (I’m reffereing to her celebrity status; music-wise I much prefer Feist). Not only did she become a huge music star, but she also surprised us with how hot she can be when she wants to. Forget about the old track pants wearing Rihanna; 2007 introduced us to the always cleavage showing Rihanna that we all know and love now.

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